Welcome to Me( Medium)

Hello, my name is Songsong Li.You also can call me Ben. This is my second semester at NYU. Therefore, in this year, I will study the knowledge about digital marketing. Teacher encourages us to use medium to post blog to experience digital marketing.In this welcome post, I would like to introduce myself and talk about the feeling when I post the blog at medium.

I come from China. I was born in the Shantou that is a coastal city. It also has great weather because it is not very cold in winter.Next, I will introduce my educational background.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing at the Bellevue University that located at the Nebraska in American last year. During the undergraduate period, I got the part-time job at a date analysts in the Accenture. Accenture is a huge company that focus on the information technology and management consulting. I got a lot of experiences and learn a lot of business knowledge from that time. Especially, I already know the importance of the digital marketing because now a lot of business date is recorded in the digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Googles.With the development of the globalization, I believe that digital marketing will become more important because internet can greatly promote the communication and trades between different countries.After that, I decided to apply master degree, And then I successfully got the admission from NYU. Therefore, I decided to pursued an MS in integrated marketing at NYU to learn more knowledge about marketing. However, I feel pity because I can’t go to the New York because of the coronavirus.

This is the first time that I write blog in the medium. I feel good when I write the blog. Because form this blog, I has opportunities to know more friends and express my feelings. In the next few weeks, I will post different topics about digital marketing and some my views about Marketing . Therefore, I invite you to join me and express your ideas on the comments.

I also hope that you can appreciate my first post. See your next time